Calcium Chloride About product

Calcium Chloride (solid) СаСl2 is produced in accordance with GOST 450-77 ( granules of white color).
Calcium Chloride has wide range of application from food industry, medicine and cosmetology till construction and industry.
Calcium Chloride is most commonly used in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry (as a component of fluids for extinguishing wells, drilling mud fluids), in the chemical industry (as dehydrators in production of ethers, gases, for production of paints), in construction and operation of motor roads (as deicing agents).

In industry Calcium Chloride is widely used in production of foam blocks, blocks of penopolistirol concrete, ceramist and cinder blocks etc. Calcium chloride is also a main component when applying liquid rubber. In construction Calcium Chloride is used as antifreeze additive for concrete and in solutions as an accelerator of setting.

As a deicing agent Calcium Chloride is effective at temperature up to -34 C. Calcium Chloride at dissolution produces a large amount of heat, which leads to its rapid dissolution and beginning of the melting process of ice. Guaranteed shelf life of calcium chloride is 8 months from the manufacture date.